Crochet and Me


Log Cabin Bright


Crochet is my first love.  My grandmother taught me when I was 10, and I made an interesting purple and orange afghan for the boy on whom I had a crush.  Hopefully my taste has improved somewhat in the years since!  The above picture is a throw I made for my grandson Jared when he was in grade school and all about superheroes and primary colors.

Over the year, I turned out granny afghans, mile-a-minute afghans and doilies by the dozens.  I searched libraries and used bookstores for patterns I liked (which were sadly few and far between).  In the 70’s when my children were young, it seemed the patterns were all – well, hippy-ish, for lack of a better word, and that is not my style.  I hankered back to turn of the century styles, at least for my crocheting.  So, lacking creativity and confidence, I simply modified patterns as best I could.  Nowadays of course, we have the internet, and thousands of free patterns across it.  I still don’t like most of the patterns I see.  But I’m older, and while I’m still struggling with creativity, I have the confidence to try and create my own patterns.  As I get them written up, I will include them here, as well as links to patterns I have found on the internet and modified.

Some of the best places for free patterns:



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