Blue or Pink for your baby?

It is one thing when a person asks if certain colors are too ‘girlie’ for a little boy, but when they ask if a certain crochet stitch is, I think the world has gone mad.
Up until 100 years ago, the appropriate color for a boy was pink or red, and for a girl, it was blue or green (the red spectrum considered more fiery and dominant,as we know only boys are. The blue considered more calming and peaceful, as only girls can be.)
Is there nothing more important in our lives than to worry about what color a child wears or what toy they play with?
How about we concentrate on making sure they are well educated, because that responsibility is going to fall more and more on the parents with our educational system falling to bits.
What if we instill them with feelings of gratitude for what they have, and compassion for those who have less?
Could we make sure that they understand every human being has worth, regardless of their age, their education, their monetary worth, their gender, their race, their religion or their sexual preference?
Wouldn’t it make sense to show them how to get involved with the world?  To volunteer their time, their skills or their money to causes they believe in?  To learn about and appreciate other cultures other than their own?  To understand and participate in the political procedure?
And instead of worrying because Tommy wants to use Susie’s play kitchen, and Susie is out playing soccer, couldn’t we make sure that they are growing up to be polite, caring, involved adults?

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