The Internet is the devil (Or Where did that 3 hours go?)

Three hours ago I started this post.  I searched google for an appropriate meme, and then had to read a few (dozen) others.  I saved the best one to use at the top of the post.  Then I happened to glance to the left of my computer, and I noticed in my move packing, I’d slid one of my bead boxes, and my container of embellishments into a basket of WIPs (works in progress).  I removed them and put them in the appropriate spot, and had a quick glance through the projects in the basket.  That reminded me – was I up to date on downloading the CALs (Crochet Along) I’m interested in?  You have to keep on top of those, because many become paid patterns after the CAL.  I went to facebook, and then to my groups to find my CAL group.  I noticed I have a lot of groups that I’m really not following any more.  Spent a few minutes deleting those.  But I did chance on my CQ group (Crazy Quilt) which gave me a nudge to find the materials for my 2020 quilt.

Out to the garage to search for them, ended up sitting and staring at all the boxes.  Very little of my stuff will fit in the house, so I need to take out the very most essential items, repack the rest, and stack it neatly in the corner.  ‘Course, to do that, I need to clear a corner (it’s not just my stuff out here!)  After 20-30 minutes of despondency, I found the materials, ooh, and my art paper too, and the modelling clay!  Brought it all in and sat to rest for a moment.

Oh crap.  I was checking CAL patterns.  Downloaded a few I had missed, and started sorting out the CAL section of my patterns on a memory stick.  Looking at them, I remembered there was a new shawl I NEED the pattern for.  Off to Ravelry and a pleasant few (dozen) minutes looking over the new stuff.  Looked up and noticed I had about 10 notifications on facebook.  Have to check those out.  Oh, the coverage of the protests and counter protests in Mass. is up now.  Watch a couple (or few) – I like to watch one with a left bias, one with a right and one that is more neutral to get the best idea of what – oh, that would make a good blog post – oh, crap.  I was writing one, wasn’t I?

And 3 hours disappeared in a flash.  Not one thing got accomplished.  And I didn’t even go near Pinterest!




Low Income Housing

I’ve been searching for affordable housing for some time now, as I am living on social security alone. Every government funded housing project that I have looked at is appalling. They are located in ghettos, they are in major disrepair, and the amount of assistance renders them less than 10% under the cost of normal rental units (if that). Add to that the waiting lists that are 1-5 years long to get into one. If you try and get HUD housing, the wait lists are closed, and have been for more than 10 years.

I’m lucky. I was able to find privately funded housing for seniors recently. The building is secure, well built and well maintained. The rent is approximately 30% of one’s income. The wait list is over a year, but I have children to help me.
Now Trump and his cronies are going to take the money away from low income housing. Our homeless situation is going to skyrocket. People who are currently working 40 hours and more a week to be able to afford their ghetto housing will be displaced, and their ability to continue working severely limited.
I truly do not see how taking away health care, public schooling, social security, medicare and medicaid, EPA controls, Planned Parenthood, and affordable housing (to name a few items on the chopping block) are making America great again.  Could someone please explain it?  With actual, intelligent and honest facts, not a repetition of Trumpisms.

Happy Spring!

I haven’t been posting, and it makes me feel awful.  While I’m not letting anyone but myself down, I still feel guilty because I think keeping a blog is a commitment.  I think perhaps my hypothyroidism is what prevents me from accomplishing  as much as I’d like (if it isn’t, it sounds good as an excuse, lol).  Anyway – I’ve put myself on a schedule, as I did in the days when I actually worked and had a life.  I’ve set aside Wednesdays as blog days, so we will see how well I do.  Fingers crossed . . .