Mandala Madness Part 2

You can find the instructions for Part 2 of Helen Shrimpton’s Mandala Madness CAL here.

I’ve done some tweaking – all that wonderful texture is perfect for an afghan,  but I hope to use this as an autumn table topper, so I’m revising some of the texture – in particular, the folding sc on this part.  (colors in the pic are dreadfully off; it’s been so gray down here.)


Mandala Madness Part 1

The amazing Kimberly Silfer (of the facebook group Official CCC Social Group, which I joined for the Sophie CAL) asked Helen Shrimpton (her site is Crystals and Crochet) to design an afghan for a CAL this year, Helen chose a mandala.    (for her description of what a mandala is, go here)

I started the gorgeous thing  in yarn, but I didn’t like the way it was looking (I am just not the best hooker in the world), so I switched to thread, and am loving it.


Afghan Blocks

There are thousands of afghan blocks on the web, on hundreds of sites, and it can be exhausting going through them all.  I’ve decided to compile a list of links to many of my favorites.  So, with no further ado, and in no particular order (this will be an ongoing project; methinks it will take a very long time):

Prince Protea by Virginia Burrow & Deidre Ulys

Spring Fling by April Moreland

Four Triangles Square 

More Vs Please 

Block Stitch Square

Freesia Square

Waterlily from Hopeful Honey

Painted Roses (paid pattern)

Victorian Lattice Square by Destany Wymore

Trailing Leaves


Cathedral Converts by Margaret MacInnis 

Creeping Trebles Square


Lace Valentine

8 Pointed Flower by Julie Yeager (paid pattern)

Oh Starry Night by Margaret MacInnis

Fantastic by Julie Yeagar paid pattern

Third Wheel by Margaret MacInnis

Beehives and Clover by Joyce Lewis (paid pattern)

Crocodile Stitch by Joyce Lewis

LD-0121 by Crochet – atelier (paid pattern)

In Like a Lamb by Margaret MacInnes (paid pattern)


Rings, Rings, Rings

I am addicted to crocheting jewelry.  When I’m in the middle of a large yarn project, or intricate doily, taking a break to whip up a frilly cuff or beaded necklace really refreshes me.  Lately, rings have been my obsession.  I chain 4 and single crochet in each, turn, repeat until the ring fits me, then join.  Over the join, I add a flower(s), beads, gemstones from broken jewelry, buttons – anything that looks good.  (those grapes, on my ring finger?  drops of hot glue, dabbed with purple fingernail polish.

Rings 2016 2     Rings 2016

Happy Spring!

I haven’t been posting, and it makes me feel awful.  While I’m not letting anyone but myself down, I still feel guilty because I think keeping a blog is a commitment.  I think perhaps my hypothyroidism is what prevents me from accomplishing  as much as I’d like (if it isn’t, it sounds good as an excuse, lol).  Anyway – I’ve put myself on a schedule, as I did in the days when I actually worked and had a life.  I’ve set aside Wednesdays as blog days, so we will see how well I do.  Fingers crossed . . .