Spring Pineapple Floral Lace Doily

Yes, I’m doing another CAL (Crochet Along), in thread.  A CAL is a group of people who are all working on the same crochet project over a period of time. Often the patterns are a mystery, with only a portion revealed over the course of the CAL.  This can be a problem if you invest 4 or 5 weeks and a goodly amount of material into something  and then find you don’t like the result – and oh yea, it has happened to me.  That is why I generally wait until the CAL is over to begin, or at least far enough along to get an idea of the pattern.  With the internet comes a means for hookers across the world to participate in these CALs, sharing their knowledge and helping each other over the trickier bits.

For this one, 5 designers got together and created 15 patterns to be crocheted over the course of 2016.  April’s is the first one I’ve chosen to participate in, and I’m loving it.

You can find links to the patterns here.

The April project that I am doing now is called Spring Pineapple Floral Lace Doily, designed by Cylinda Mathews (she is excellent!).  The link to download it is on her website, Crochet Memories.

If you read the pattern, the first part is pretty darn easy.  (I misread and portion and frogged twice!)  Here is a picture of my completed part 1.  Cylinda gives you the option of stopping at row 8 for a coaster, though I think I would have chosen row 7) or at row 9 for a jar topper.