The anatomy of a Scrumble

I am in no way an expert on freeform crochet or scrumbles, but I am in love with this medium.  I keep seeing posts in my facebook group, Freeform Crochet World Group, from people looking for patterns, tutorials, or even just where to start.  First thing to remember – there are NO patterns.  If you follow a pattern, then you aren’t creating freeform crochet.  There are, however, tutorials on how to make some of the scrumbles you see regularly in freeform; I’ll add some links at the bottom of this post.  I don’t use them often because to me it seems like I would just be copying the work of others.  But I can show you pictorially how I create a scrumble; hope it helps a little.

Right now I am working on a capelet.  I had some yarn intended for another Sophie’s Universe, but I have two going already and that is more than enough for a non-finisher like me.

This is the picture that inspired me; it is an example of crewel embroidery.

crewel flower

    And this is the progression I followed to create it.  I’m not terribly pleased with the outcome, but I learned from it.  I’ll post another one tomorrow and we’ll see if I can get the result I want.