Mirror and Candy Jar

IMG_0955 IMG_0954

I decided it’s time to actually start creating some shabby chic items instead of just drooling over Pinterest.

For the mirror, I just created an edging I thought would look good (if you don’t want to design your own, you can find a million patterns on pinterest).  I ran a ribbon through the edging and added beads (you can sew them on afterwards or crochet them right in).  Used a glue gun to attached the whole thing and voila!  A plain dollar store mirror is now a romantic addition to my desk/vanity.

On the candy jar, I made salt dough flowers and leaves and covered them in nail polish, but I think next time I will use polymer clay or even liquid sculpy (salt dough won’t stand up to water, so it can’t be immersed to wash).  I glued on some beads, and a flower on top.  Added a crochet butterfly (quite similar to this one on Marie’s Making on the Wayback Machine.

You are only limited by your imagination!